FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption

Provides you with the total peace of mind over the SECURITY & PRIVACY of YOUR DATA via
Cryptography & Steganography

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Microsoft Windows


Example : FooCrypt running in the Windows Subsystem for Linux



Example : Ubuntu Install Options via The Microsoft Store



Example : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Installing via the Microsoft Store



Example : FooCrypt.X.Y.Z..Live.Linux running on Ubuntu Inside A VMware Virtual Machine ​


Example : FooCrypt.X.Y.Z.Core.Live.Linux Installing To A Hard Disk



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FooCrypt Command Line

FooSteg Command Line

FooCcrypt-Desktop Command Line

mFooKey Command Line

mOpenSSL Command Line

Cypher Key Control



Licensing -> Licensing : EULA
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​Log Control



The FooKey Method

First Time ? VALIDATION is what you need to do

Supported OpenSSL / LibreSSL Versions

Creating A FooKey


​Encrypting a File with a FooKey
Decrypting a File with a FooKey


​Encrypting a Message with a FooKey
Decrypting a Message with a FooKey


​Encrypting a File with a Standard Key
Decrypting a File with a Standard Key


Basic Security Profile

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Road Map

FooCrypt ​Brute Strength

FooSteg ​Brute Strength

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