FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption

Provides you with the total peace of mind over the SECURITY & PRIVACY of YOUR DATA via
Cryptography & Steganography

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Cypher Key Control




Cypher Key Control ( CKC ) is at the core of the engine for FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption.

CKC handles all functionalities of surrounding a ‘FooKey‘.

CKC is able to handle with ease ( depending on the hardware that it is running on : CPU / Memory constraints affect all programs ) a ‘FooKey‘ up to 1 million characters contained within both the vertical and horizontal panes.

It is recommended and imposed by the DEFAULT settings, that a ‘FooKey‘ be made up of 24250 characters which in turn provides 50 cycles of ENCRYPTION with a ‘KEY / PASSWORD‘ length of 512 characters per cycle.

CKC comes with ‘10 ACTIVE BUFFERS‘ which act as isolated landscapes across all functions of CKC.

  • The number of ‘Active Buffers‘ can be customized via customized builds of FooCrypt, based on Enterprise or Government Licensing Agreements and Support Contracts.


A quick break down on the button functionality


  • Create FooKey


  • Show FooKey Memory


  • Clear FooKey Memory


  • Load FooKey Memory


  • Import FooKey Memory


  • Export FooKey Memory


  • Clear Text Window


  • Show Text Window Memory


  • Clear Text Window Memory


  • Load Text Window Memory


  • Import Text Window Memory ASCII


  • Import Text Window Memory Binary


  • Save Text Window To Text Window Memory [ Active Buffer ]
  • Export Text Window Memory [ Active Buffer ] To A File


  • Show Random Data Memory


  • Append Random Data Memory


  • Clear Random Data Memory

DDB : Drop Down Box

  • Select Active Buffer
  • All the above functions operate on the isolated landscape ‘ACTIVE BUFFER’ that is selected via the DDB
  • The Text Window is shared across all isolated landscapes and does not modify upon ‘ACTIVE BUFFER’ selection.

CKC Cursor Position Identification

  • Toggled via the FooKeyBoard ‘XY On/Off’ Button
  • Details displayed in real time on the ‘Hide : Cypher Key Control’ ButtonPicture

Font DDB

  • Detected Fonts

Font Size DDB

  • Numerical values 1 – 30


  • Set Selected Font to Bold ( If Available )


  • Search / Replace Text In The Cypher Key Control Text Window
    • Note :
        • Searching / Replacing should be performed when no active processes are displaying logs in Log_Control and/or Scroll Logs is set to Off.


  • Replace String
  • Replace Button
  • Replace All Backwards Button
  • Undo Button
  • Search String
  • Search Button
  • Buffer List DDB
  • Switch To Log Buffers
  • Left Arrow Button
  • Switch To Log Buffers
  • Right Arrow Button
  • Overlap Check Box
  • Ignore Case Check Box
  • Close Button

Hide : Cypher Key Control

  • Also displays the Cypher Key Control Destination and Cursor Location
    • ( [Character].[Line Number] )