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mOpenSSL C.L.I. Examples



mOpenSSL : Usage

Build a 64 bit compile environment [ Linux ]

-> mOpenSSL -C 64


Download the OpenSSL source

Note :

  • mOpenSSL utilises the wget utility, and thus the end user is able to customise the mOpenSSL standard download via the end user configuring an appropriate ${HOME}/.wgetrc configuration file ( See man -s 1 wget ) to utilise with the Openssl.Org ftp server,
  • An end user customised ${HOME}.wgetrc ONCE a complete download of has completed via mOpenSSL :
    • Note :
      • The FIPS-140-2 Validated FIPS Provider is located in the directory source/old/3.0



  • running mOpenSSL -d with the above ${HOME}/.wgetrc configuration file in place, will cause the wget sub-process of mOpenSSL, to exclude downloading the source/old and source/withdrawn sub-directories, and also only download files which match the regular expression ‘tar.gz’ recursively from the source directory ( mOpenSSL utilises the wget -c -r -L options )


Copy the OpenSSL version(s) to the src directory

-> mOpenSSL -u -v 3.1.3


Compile your required version(s) of 64 bit OpenSSL

-> mOpenSSL -v 3.1.3 -b 64
Build openssl-3.1.3.tar.gz release

-> mOpenSSL -v 3.1 -b 64
Build All openssl-3.1*.tar,gz releases


Check which versions of OpenSSL are compiled and available

-> mOpenSSL -c


Download, Compile and Configure OpenSSL 3.2.X, Too Use The OpenSSL 3.0.8 FIPS-140-2 Provider

  • Download a complete mirror of the
-> mOpenSSL -d
  • Copy openssl-3.0.8.tar.gz and the latest openssl-3.2.x.tar.gz to the ${HOME}/FooCrypt-OpenSSL/src directory
-> mOpenSSL -u -v 3.0.8 ; mOpenSSL -u -v 3.2.x. [ Keep trailing period '.' so that alpha pre and beta versions are omitted, Replace x with the latest 3.2 series point release ]
  • Compile openssl-3.0.8
-> mOpenSSL -b 64 -v 3.0.8 -I enable-fips -E " " -a [ add -r to remove the src / compile directory after it has been installed ]
  • Compile openssl-3.2.x [ Replace x with the latest 3.2 point release ]
-> mOpenSSL -b 64 -v 3.2.x -I enable-fips -E " " -a [ add -r to remove the src / compile directory after it has been installed, Replace x with the latest 3.2 series point release ]
  • Check compiled versions
-> mOpenSSL -c
  • Follow the OpenSSL-FIPS Instructions To create the OpenSSL-FIPS Wrapper Script, and suitable openssl configuration files for your environment, to load the openssl 3.0.8 FIPS-140-2 Validated Provider, from openssl 3.2.x