FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption

Provides you with the total peace of mind over the SECURITY & PRIVACY of YOUR DATA via Cryptography & Steganography….

Standard_File Decrypt

Download FooCrypt.X.Y.Z.Core Documentation

Download FooCrypt.X.Y.Z.Core White Paper

Standard Key Encryption will help you migrate your existing encrypted data into the superior FooKey

It is as simple as 

1. Select Your FooCrypt-Cypher

  • [ FooCrypt-aes256 is DEFAULT ]

2. Select Your File

3. Select Your Standard Source

  • Window Memory Active Buffer
  • Text Window Active Data
  • Browse Saved Standard Source ASCII Format

4. Standard Decrypt Input File

FooCrypt will then decrypt the input file


Command Line Example

Std OpenSSL

[ *Quoted Full Path To FooCrypt ]/FooCrypt \

-s \

-a FooCrypt-aes256 \

-P FooCrypt-None:Ask:None \

-i [ *Quoted Full Path To File Name ] \

-o [ *Quoted Full Path To File Name ] \



*Quoted Full Paths are only required when special characters are contained within the PATH

ie :