FooCrypt, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption

Provides you with the total peace of mind over the SECURITY & PRIVACY of YOUR DATA via Cryptography & Steganography….

FooSteg Verbose Preferences

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Verbose Preferences  is ‘FooSteg, A Tale Of Cynical Cyclical Encryption’
configuration and master control area for logging.


Giving you the user, options and variations that takes FooSteg into the direction you need to go.


Functionality Break Down


Reset FooSteg Verbose Settings To Default

  • Resets FooSteg Verbose Settings To Default

Verbose StdOut CheckBox

  • Adds -Z 10, Sleep For N Milliseconds After Each Verbose StdOut Line Is Displayed

Verbose Logging CheckBox

  • A LogFile located in the working directory of the FooSteg Process.

Analyse CheckBox

  • Analyse Pixel Comparison

B64Data CheckBox

  • Base64 Data Is Logged

Copy CheckBox

  • Copy Pixel Data Is Logged

CypherMap CheckBox

  • CypherMap Pixel List Is Generated

Extract1 CheckBox

  • A Pixel Map With The Binary Data Is Generated

Extract2 CheckBox

  • An Extracted Binary Data Map Is Generated

ExtractMap CheckBox

  • ExtractMap Pixel List Is Logged

Random CheckBox

  • Random Pixel Data Is Logged

Read CheckBox

  • A Pixel Finger Print Map Is Generated

ReadData CheckBox

  • Read Data Is Logged

ScanMap CheckBox

  • ScanMap Pixel List Is Generated

Verify1 CheckBox

  • Verify1 Success Data Is Logged

Verify1E CheckBox

  • Verify1E Error Data Is Logged

Verify2 CheckBox

  • Verify2 Success Data Is Logged

Verify2E CheckBox

  • Verify2E Error Data Is Logged

Verify3 CheckBox

  • Verify3 Success Data Is Logged

Verify3E CheckBox

  • Verify3E Error Data Is Logged

Write1 CheckBox

  • A Write Pixel Map Is Generated

Write2 CheckBox

  • A Write Pixel Map And RGB Map With Each Binary Character Is Generated

WriteMap CheckBox

  • WriteMap Pixel List Is Generated

Test CheckBox

  • All The Above Are Generated

Reset FooSteg Verbose Settings To Default

  • Resets FooSteg Verbose Settings To Default



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